Irrational Ideas – Albert Ellis

Irrational Idea No. 1: The idea that it is a dire necessity for an adult human being to be loved or approved by virtually every significant other person in his community. It’s impossible to be liked or loved by everybody. No matter how popular you are, there will always be someone who doesn’t like you.Even if … Continue reading Irrational Ideas – Albert Ellis



How to create panic & terror. Simply label an event as Awful. Terrible works just as well.   What is the situation that you are upset about?     Answer: I am experiencing reduced mobility due to a brain injury What are the unhealthy negative emotions that you are experiencing? (depression,rage,anxiety,shame,embarrassment,hurt,guilt,jealousy)     Answer: anxiety, shame, embarrassment, hurt, guilt, jealousy, depression What self-defeating behaviors … Continue reading Awfull-izing

You Have the Right to Hurt People by Invoking Your Rights

You have the right to judge your own behavior, thoughts, and emotions, and to take the responsibility for their initiation and consequences upon yourself.You have the right to offer no reasons or excuses for justifying your behavior.You have the right to judge if you are responsible for finding solutions to other people's problems.You have the … Continue reading You Have the Right to Hurt People by Invoking Your Rights